2016 Olympics: Sailing Coins

Last year the Brazil Central Bank issued a special set of R$ 1 (one Real) coins, showing  the 16 main sports in Rio Olympics. Holding a lot of value for the citizens of Rio, the Brazil Central Bank has produced the coins in gold and silver specially made for collection. The rest have been created for normal circulation, but these coins are too becoming rare as everyone holds onto them as collector’s items.

coins 1
All 16 coins in gold.


Rio’s 2016 President, Carlos Nuzman said, “The coins have been a part of the Games since Helsinki 1952 and it’s a great honour to launch the first Rio 2016 coins in partnership with the Brazilian Central Bank. Every Brazilian will have the chance to have a small part of the Games, and of their own country, in their hands.”

These coins hold a special sentimental value for many, but that’s not all. For sailing, the Central Bank chose a “Laser” to be used as a representation of the sport. Millions of Brazilians will have a coin with them daily for trading, which means they will have a Laser in their pockets!

Check out images of the Laser coins below:

Gold coins for collection.
coins 5
Silver coins for collection.
coins 4
Regular coins for circulation.


Read more about the coins here.