Birch Blog: Laser Pico Challenge April 2016 (Guest Writer)

Guest writer, David Birch from the Laser Pico Challenge, shares an update on his preparation for the journey.

It seems that time is rapidly passing by with still so much to accomplish before the challenge.


This week I started to look at my Pico and sought advice from David and Debbie Phillips. Debbie is former ladies Laser National Champion and David is a former World Champion in E-boat class.

To add to their accolades, they were on the Olympic training squad in the 470 class.

So, I couldn’t be in better hands for having my Pico inspected and scrutinized!

Down to business and faults were soon found and a day of repairs in the workshop as a result.

Thankfully, nothing major was identified in the inspect! Being a novice dinghy sailor, this sort of support has been priceless and will no doubt contribute to succeeding in this challenge.

All being well, after a couple of weeks of rest from muscle injury and maintenance, I’ll be back out on the water on the next good wind to train!