Birch Blog: Laser Pico Challenge June 2016 (Guest Writer)

June 3, 2016 Update

Heading into June and the Laser Pico is still loaded up on the support vessel waiting for that green light to go.

I’m missing not getting out on the water in it to keep putting miles of training in. All I can do is monitor the weather forecasts and charts and wait!

As of today there are promising signs for the end of next week. It’s hard not to get excited, but I’ve been here 3 times already with the forecasts changing 36 hours before departure.

The risks are if the winds are too light, then I will get washed up on the island of Alderney or one of its rocky outcrops with the very strong tides that run at the area of the chosen start. Too strong winds and fatigue will be a sure factor. Then there’s the wind direction! Anything other than on the nose is risky! This would entail tacking back and extending the time considerably by at least 60% and reducing the possibility of completing in daylight hours.

So for now, I’m frustratingly land bound waiting for the weather but poised to go at the drop of a hat!

-David Birch

Laser Pico Challenge