Birch Blog: Laser Pico Challenge May 2016 (Guest Writer)

David Birch has taken over today’s blog post to write about his upcoming Laser Pico challenge!

May 17, 2016

Hello, LaserPerformance readers! For the past few days, the forecast for this coming Friday has been holding a consistent perfect forecast of a South West 4-5!

Currently holding on an Amber light to go. Support vessel arriving tomorrow to load up the Laser Pico to transport it across to Guernsey in readiness.

However, the latest forecast modules have dropped the wind rating for the majority of the channel for Friday to the lowest wind speed base that will enable the crossing to take place. Feeling frustrated as weather window decreases. However, there are favourable conditions due for Sunday and Monday.

This is still a way off and will no doubt change. Remaining ever hopeful and chomping at the bit to get going! Seem to be permanently glued to the weather charts, looking for any changes!

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Preparations are endless. Debbie, a nutritionist from the Debonair group, has been outstanding in helping with advice on what my body will need for the long period of my challenge crossing the 75 miles across the English channel.

She provided me with supplements and drink formula that will keep my body brimming with energy!

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