Eduardo Cordero: Sunfish Champion

US Sailing’s Championship of Champions is underway at Lake Bluff Yacht Club. Eduardo Cordero, 6 time North American Winner, 8 time Sunfish Worlds winner, and more, will be a competitor at the event. In honor of the CofC we spoke to Eduardo about his love of Sunfish sailing, his experience, and his excitement for the weekend.

LP: Thank you for speaking with us, Eduardo. Let’s start off by discussing how you got involved with sailing a Sunfish?

Well, I grew up in Venezuela, South America and when I started sailing I was between 11 and 12 years old. In Venezuela there was a limited pool of sailboats you could choose to get started, but luckily there was the Sunfish! And so, between 1984 and 1990. I pretty much grew up sailing Sunfish. After I grew up, the Sunfish was the only boat I would consider racing because of my gained knowledge of the boat.

LP: And you’ve been sailing a Sunfish ever since?

Actually, I’ve been retired for 6 years. I just came back to the boat this year…I wasn’t planning on returning to active racing again but suddenly it happened! Sunfish Class President, Paul-Jon, who happens to be my best friend, asked me if me and my wife wanted to take over the administration of the class. One thing led to another and I found myself attending Sunfish events again and meeting the Sunfish sailing community. Suddenly I thought to myself, “if I am going to be making the trip, I might as well put a training program together, try to race and try to do well.” So suddenly I was out of retirement.

LP: Well we are very glad you returned to Sunfish sailing! What is your favorite part about sailing a Sunfish?

I like a lot of things, the community, the fact that  there is a wide range of sailors you can compete against: male, female, different ages. Sunfish, because of the ability to rig the boat differently, it gives a lot of people the opportunity to be competitive.

There is great comradery in the Sunfish group. It’s going to be good for the class to show the rest of the US Sailing community that it’s a fun boat to sail and everybody can jump in and do well. It’s an easy boat to sail, there are great sailors, and we like to have fun!

LP: How exciting that you are competing in the Championship of Champions! What is your favorite part about the event?

Well for one, I’m excited to be in Chicago! I hope to see a Cubs game, haha. Having a Championship of Champions winning trophy on someone’s sailing resume is very impressive. I definitely enjoy the competition part, but I also think the community is so strong at this event. I’m excited that I get to see some of my friends in the Chicago area and also see others I’ve met at other Sunfish sailing events. I also like that I get to sail against other people that do very well in other boats- that’s the thing that makes this event so unique. I would love to go back again next year if I win something. I want to participate on other boats- though I love the Sunfish!

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