#LivesOfLaser: Moose McClintock Series Part 1

We love hearing from passionate individuals like Laser sailor and coach, Moose McClintock. Moose has been involved in the Laser sailing community for over 20 years and we have reached out to him to share some fun Laser stories, advice, and insight into the community. For our first question we asked Moose, “Who is a Laser sailor that inspired you? How and Why?” He said,

“I met Ian Bruce as Association Island in 1974. I was helping run the National Sailing Center and we hosted a large Laser regatta on the 4th of July. I got the weekend off from RC so I borrowed one of the fleet of Lasers we had on hand for Laser clinics and sailed.

I got to talking with Peter Bjorn and Ian after racing one day, neither had done really well but had a lot to say about the boats and the growth of the class since Ian and Peter were the builders- both great guys. Both were very good sailors and Ian said, ‘it’s not trying to catch the 5 degree shifts that will win the race, it’s catching the 3 degree shifts.’ I always remembered that as a point well taken- small gains are often the most important.

Also, Skip Whyte, who has mentored me since I was a kid and sold me my first Laser. The amount I learned from him the first year I sailed the boat is immeasurable.”

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