#LivesOfLaser: Moose McClintock Series Part 3

In continuing with our #LivesOfLaser series, we decided to ask Moose McClintock about the most important lesson he learned from sailing a Laser and being involved in the Laser Community. He said:

“I got my first Laser in 1972. When I got to college that year there were a number of other freshman who had gotten the boats and Skip Whyte started a frostbite fleet in East Greenwich RI that winter. The fleet was almost entirely college sailors like Dave Perry, Peter Commette, Mike Loeb, Henry Bossett, Skip, Ken Legler, Manton Scott….almost everyone as an All-American World Champion, or something else within their careers. I didn’t exactly get my butt kicked but I didn’t win either.

Having the ability to sail the boats all winter at that level showed me that you don’t have to win to become a better sailor, by the end of that frostbite season I was twice the sailor I had been entering college in the fall.

The point is, losing to good people often means learning from the best, so grasp the opportunity.”

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