LP Fleet Team (Joel Chadwick): London Youth Games

This weekend was the sailing event for the London Youth Games at Queen Mary Sailing Club. (The Balfour Beatty London Youth Games is Europe’s largest youth sports festival.  It is now a season of events taking place over 9 months including both School and Community Competitions across 30 different sports. The competitions are part of the national School Games Programme.)

I attended on the last day (Sunday) to promote Laser as there was a Laser Class racing, advertise an event boat that we were selling and present a brand new Laser 4.7 to one of the London Boroughs.

After a great weekend of racing (various classes), the prize giving ceremony was conducted and concluded with the winning our donated Laser 4.7. The idea is for the laser to be used for training kids and ultimately competing at the LYG year after year.

Here is an email received from the winning Borough “BARNET”, with a great story. It’s definitely gone to a Borough who needs it and will use it.

“Dear Joel, just a quick note to say thank you for the Laser. Still unbelievable!

It will be put to good use for youth training, race training and will definitely be coming to future LYG regattas as it far outclasses our other lasers we have. It will be based at Phoenix Outdoor Centre on the Welsh Harp reservoir. I know that Mark and Phil will put it to good use and look after it carefully.

We have managed to cobble bits for the second boat but it is still a full on bitzer, using the rudder assembly from my old Int. Moth amongst other jury rigged components. All this essentially so we can enter the Laser class at the LYG! The new boat will definitely have a positive effect because now we can race three for training purposes.”

It was a great day for all involved! Stay tuned for more LaserPerformance Fleet Team posts!

-Joel Chadwick

LaserPerformance Account Executive