New SailLaser Center Planned for SONO District of Norwalk, CT

LaserPerformance is pleased to announce it will be opening a SailLaser Center in the SONO district of Norwalk, Connecticut.  The Center will reach out to the southern Connecticut community to help make sailing as easy and enjoyable as possible regardless of means or ability.  Sailing lessons will be offered for all skill levels and, for more experienced sailors, rigged dinghy boats will be available for rent or seasonal lease.  Summer fun activities are planned for children, while families will be invited to participate in regattas and social events.  Those interested in improving the environment in their community will be encouraged to join one of our LaserPerformance Handprint initiatives to keep our water and environment sustainable.  Finally, the SailLaser Center will provide maintenance services for dinghy boats, as well as offer a wide range of LaserPerformance boats, parts and accessories which can presently be viewed and purchased at   The SailLaser Center will welcome the community commencing May 2018 at 10 Marshall Street, South Norwalk, CT.


About LaserPerformance


LaserPerformance is a watersports lifestyle brand and the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of small sailboats. LaserPerformance boats are designed and built to meet the needs of all sailors and their communities.  LaserPerformance proudly manufactures many iconic sailboats including: Laser, Sunfish, Z420, Laser Pico, Laser Bahia, Laser Vago, Bug, Funboat, Dart catamarans and more.