#ReadySetRio: Ali Young

We spoke to Ali Young who will be representing Great Britain at this year’s 2016 Olympics in the Laser Radial class.

LP: Thanks to speaking with us, Ali! With the Olympics coming up, how do you stay healthy during such a big event?

By making sure I fuel and hydrate well.

LP: That’s definitely important. What about jet lag? We have been asking a bunch of sailors how they handle so many time changes.

It’s definitely important to plan the jet lag into your training so the first few days allow you time to adapt and stay well hydrated.

LP: By now you’ve spent a lot of time in Rio. What makes Rio a great sailing venue?

The variability between the different courses and the changes in conditions from day to day mean you have to be very adaptable and there is always something new to learn.

LP: We agree. Where is your team/country currently in their learning?

We are currently increasing our understanding of the venue by spending more time in Rio between now and the games.

LP: As you get prepared to compete, how do you handle disappointments?

Take the opportunity to assess why have you failed and then develop a strategy to address your weaknesses

LP: Since you’re in Rio for a while, what is there to do in Rio when you’re not sailing?

Lots! It’s a great city to spend time outside in, there are always people doing sport down at the beach.

LP: That sounds great! How did you start sailing?

My dad got some sailing lessons for his birthday when I was young and the family got into it then

LP: What is a question we should ask to the next Laser sailor…?

Does hiking ever stop hurting?


Well, does it?! Stay tuned for more #ReadySetRio interviews with only a month left until the 2016 Olympics!

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