#ReadySetRio: Anne-Marie Rindom

We reached out to Anne-Marie Rindom, the Olympic sailor from Denmark, to discuss her preparation for the 2016 Olympic games as part of LaserPerformance’s #ReadySetRio campaign.

LP: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Anne-Marie. Let’s start off with talking about your preparation for the Olympics. How do you stay healthy during such a big event?

I do a lot of exercise and then I try not to eat too much sugar. I want my blood sugar to be steady.

LP: That’s a good idea. What’s your best way to deal with jet lag?

I try to eat at the right moments for the new time. Then it is easier, because then you can also sleep at the right time since your not hungry.

LP: That’s a great idea! We haven’t heard the eating tip before. Where is your team currently in their training?

The Danish team trains a lot in Rio, because it is such a hard place. It is very important to gather information to prepare.

LP: Yes, we’ve heard the sailing venue is different from what a lot of sailors are used to, but what makes it a great sailing venue?

I like that there are so many course areas, so outside it is wave and mostly steady wind, and inside it is shifty with a lot of current. I think the most all around sailor will take the win.

LP: That’s awesome! What is there to do in Rio when you’re not sailing?

We sail a lot so we don’t have much time, but there are many things to do. For example, you can go for a hike to Chris. It’s very good exercise.

LP: That sounds fun. Speaking of fun, what are the last 5 songs you listened to?

All Adele songs. I just went to her concert and it was amazing!

LP: Wow, we are all jealous. Last question: what is a question we should ask to the next Laser Radial sailor?

“If you go to the Olympics, will you get a tattoo with the Olympic rings?”

Good question! Well, will you?


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