Update from Class President Paul-Jon Patin (Shared via Sunfish Class)

Posted April 26, 2016

Good news for the Sunfish Class and World Sailing “interested parties and participants”

I recently had the opportunity to travel to China and see the newly organized LaserPerformance team and manufacturing set up for Sunfish.  In 2016 LaserPerformance moved their entire manufacturing to China and will no longer manufacturer boats in the US.  Some will have preconceptions and opinions about this move as I certainly had my own and I can now say I could not have been more impressed with the facility, the engineering staff and hands on labor.  Based upon what I see I believe the Sunfish outlook quite bright and starting in May we should start to replenish the demand of boats and parts we have all longed awaited.  In China, I tested a boat right off the assembly line and the group could not have been more enthused to see the boat perform.
Here are a few notables from the last few weeks of negotiations, planning and scheduling between LP and ISCA:

1) the Youth and Sunfish Class World Championships will take place in Cartagena Colombia 17-27 November with the Youths commencing the event.
– the Youths 40 boats will be provided (supplemented with Colombian locals boats)
– the Worlds will open on a “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE” basis registration with 40 boats available, the 41-60th paid entries will be waitlisted until 60 boats are legitimately registered and at that moment a 2 day split fleet regatta will be considered for the 60+ entries.
***Note that there is now however a very real chance ISCA will be able to assure a boat for potentially up to 64 sailors which would each then sail 1 boat for the entire 6 day event.***
– Colombia 2016 Worlds sails will be provided and sold after the event at a discount
2) 6-10 October the US Sailing Championship of Champions will be raced in Sunfish at Lake Bluff Yacht Club in Chicago. Boats will likely be available for sale after this event and orders are now being taken. There is also a likelihood of CofC sails to be made and branded specifically for this event however these sails will be extremely limited as they will be made to order and available to competitors after the event.

There’s more to come so stay tuned and visit SunfishClass on Facebook for breaking news along with the ISCA landing page banners.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, everyone reading this could potentially sail in these events, (Youths, of age, of course) but International Sunfish are the only boats that could say this;-) accommodating juniors, youth, women, men big and small, all on the same course at world class events now since 1972, but if you’re not a Class member and you haven’t hopped in a boat for a qualifying event, you don’t know what you’re missing…

Paul-Jon Patin