#ReadySetRio: James Espey

We reached out to James Espey, a 2012 Olympic sailor who hopes to represent the Ireland team in this year’s upcoming Olympics, and asked him to answer some questions as part of our #ReadySetRio campaign. See his answers below:

LP: When you’re training in different areas, what’s the best way to deal with jet lag?

I do not suffer too much with jet lag as I sleep easily on all major flights.

LP: That’s awesome. But how do you stay healthy during a big event?

I always try to eat healthy foods all the time so it’s the same during the event.

LP: Let’s talk about the 2016 Olympics. What makes Rio a great sailing venue?

The fact that you can see 3 race areas from the beach and if you climb to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain you can see all race areas. It’s really great for spectators.

LP: That does sound like a great view. Besides the view, what else is there to do in Rio when you’re not sailing?

There’s lots of hiking, playing on the beach, sight seeing…but that’s for the spectators. I’m only there to sail and practice.

LP: That’s true dedication. Why did you start sailing?

I live at the waters edge a few minutes from my local Yacht Club, so sailing was an obvious choice.

LP: Sounds like that. How do you handle sailing disappointments?

It is never easy, but I have to put disappointments to the back of my mind and move on. I always look forward.

LP: And it seems like that attitude is working! Fill in this sentence, ‘being a professional sailor is…’

A hard full time job that you don’t get paid for.



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