#ReadySetRio: Lijia Xu

Lijia Xu, Olympic Gold Medalist and sailor representing China in the upcoming 2016 Olympics, gave us her responses to our #ReadySetRio interview series.

LP: Thanks for meeting with us, Lijia! To start off, why did you start sailing?

To seek freedom.

LP: Short and to the point, that’s great. How do you handle disappointments?

Stay positive and be a benefit finder.

LP: That’s awesome! We’ve asked this of other sailors: what makes Rio a great sailing venue? Besides the sights!

The combined complication of wind pressure, current pattern and both flat and wavy conditions.

LP: Nice. What is there to do in Rio when you’re not sailing?

Discover its culture through visiting local wonders. To combat jet lag, I try to keep myself busy doing light activities during daytime.

LP: Thanks, Lijia! What is a question we should ask to the next Laser sailor?

Have you read Golden Lily?


Well, have you? Watch more of Lijia’s interview below:

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