#ReadySetRio: Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson, the sailor who will be representing Great Britain in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, met with LaserPerformance to answer questions about his preparation for Rio and overall sailing tactics as part of LP’s #ReadySetRio campaign.

LP: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Nick. Where is your team currently in terms of your training for the Olympics?

I think we are in a good place as a team. We have spent lots of time in Rio and are starting to get a good understanding of the venue. The support staff in the British sailing team are world leading, which gives us lots of confidence.

LP: That’s great to hear. What makes Rio such a great sailing venue?

The backdrop is stunning. Christo Rentador, Sugarloaf and NiSeroi Bay all make it quite special.

LP: That’s what we have been hearing. What is there to do in Rio when you’re not sailing?

To be honest, if I’m not sailing I’m usually in the gym or recovering. Having said that, there’s plenty to do in the city from the usual tourist attractions to hang-gliding. My favorite has to be the occasional trips to sample the steak restaurants, which never disappoint.

LP: Yum. Sounds like you put in a lot of work even when you’re not sailing. How do you stay healthy during big events like the Olympics?

Lots of different ways, but most important is making sure I maintain a healthy diet. It’s easy to only eat snacks on the water then be desperate to grab the easiest food available when you return to shore, which is usually not the best option so I try to plan before hand.

LP: Good idea. So, why did you start sailing?

I started sailing mostly as it was a great way to hang out with my friends, but then once I started competing, I was hooked.

LP: How do you handle sailing disappointments?

That’s a tricky one as they’re always different and never easy, but I try to be very objective. What went wrong? Why? How can I improve? Then I just crack on. There’s always another race.

LP: This question is for your girlfriend: What’s it like being the girlfriend of a professional sailor?

Being the girlfriend of an Olympic sailor provides fantastic opportunities to travel the world to support him in events and has led to us building some amazing international friendships. It can be hard spending long periods of time apart, but FaceTime is great for keeping us connected. Although, the internet is often poor, which can be frustrating! It can be challenging supporting him when events don’t go his way, which is part of any athletic career. Overwhelmingly I am immensely proud of everything he has achieved. I am extremely excited and privileged to be supporting him on his journey to the Olympics.



What a picture perfect sailing relationship. Stay tuned for more Olympic Interviews as a part of LaserPerformance’s #ReadySetRio campaign!

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